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    You have one shot.  One life.  So much is beyond your control.  But there are two things you can control: your goals and your attitude.

    As for us, we are setting goals: to take the untaken trails.  Take the road less travelled by.  To try things, to go places, to attempt, to give it a shot.  It means we haven’t lived typically.  I (Oliver) did graduate (5 times so far by my count), we did get married – about 6 years earlier than the average of 29 – though we had about twice as many as most people’s ideal number of kids, with our first coming in the middle of university studies! I (Oliver) have had many jobs, including IT, forestry, church leadership, even stay-at-home Dad for a few years – and my current military job is very good!  Cheryl has built a fantastic career as well, earning a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in health care while being a mother to six, and now doing basic training in her forties! And we aren’t done telling our crazy story yet!

    Stay tuned for what’s next.  Thanks for stopping by.